Contribute to the first interactive map against racism, right baiting and the AfD!

“It’s time to do something” is what our software developers thought, and they spared no effort to spend time and money to develop the first interactive map against racism and right baiting. We’d like to present the result of this development in seven questions, three easy steps and a glossary.

1. What is the Aufstehen-Netzwerk about?

The Aufstehen­-Netzwerk is the 1st interactive map for activists against the AfD, racism and right baiting. All activities, initiatives, meetups, parties, concerts, rallies, blockades and conferences that strive to antagonize against right baiting and work towards a solidary, open society are being made publicly visible and accessible through this map.

2. Who is the Aufstehen­-Netzwerk for?

It’s made for all individuals who want to stand up and spring into action against racism, AfD etc., and for such who are already actively working on projects and want to integrate more people.

3. Why do we need such a network?

In Germany, thousands of people are already actively fighting against racism, and thousands more are contemplating to take action. That’s awesome. More than 640 local, anti-racist and anti-Fascist initiatives with thousands of activists are campaigning for solidarity and a an open society in their cities and villages. The feedback on Aufstehen shows that thousands of people want to become active locally. This raises a number of questions:

• How can we bring that together?

• How can we get to know about the BBQ party against right-wing extremism in Friedrichsgroden, about the weekly alliance meetup in Plauen, about the spontaneous action in Dörrebach, about the Stammtischkämpfer_innen training in Wendland or about the big demonstration in Cologne?

• How can we make the actions against Nazis in the north, east, south and west of Germany visible?

• How to we learn about regular meetings of groups in our neighborhood?

• How can we act locally, but be apparent nationwide?

• How can we get to know about each other without communicating constantly?

The Aufstehen-­Netzwerk strives to uncover all activities that already take place, and help new ones to emerge. It enables you to get a quick overview on ongoing meetings and projects, and makes collaboration easy.

If you are looking for a meetings, looking for a way to network, if want to stand up against racism, we want to help you find projects, connect with others or start your own initiative and invite people.

4. Why is the Aufstehen-­Netzwerk a necessary supplement to currently existing communication channels?

As a matter of fact, there are tons of activities against right-wing movements, but an overview is lacking. The Aufstehen-­Netzwerk is no competition to already established ways of communication, and it shouldn’t be. The Aufstehen-­Netzwerk exists in order to make local activities visible nationwide, and to enable more people to find participants for their ideas.

5. I like that – how can I be part of this?

It’s easy: You can add your action against racism to the map, share the most important details about it, and get to know about other projects. You can specify a distance radius around your location, and get informed about newly emerging projects near you.

If you are familiar with using one of the bigger social networks around, the process of registeration and adding a new project should be self-explanatory. In case this beats you (no worries!), we’ll guide you through the process of adding a new projects with the following three steps:

1) Open the Aufstehen-­Netzwerk in your web browser: https://www.aufstehen-­

2) Before you can add your anti-racist project, you need to register a new user account (the sign up button) and confirm your account through the email we send you.

3) Now let’s get stared: Click on “Add new project” if you have a project to share, or click on “Go to map”, look for a project near you, and click on the “Participate” button.

6. One moment! Why does the Aufstehen-­Netzwerk need you, exactly?

The network works best when all of us take part in it. Whatever kind of project you have in mind, through the Aufstehen-­Netzwerk, all people near you will be informed and invited. The more people are part of the network, the easier and more efficiently meetups and activities can be planned and be pulled off. This isn’t about lengthy discussions. It’s all about visibility of activities, to tell more people where and how they can contribute. Hence, we need everyone who wants to help work against racism. This is why we need you!

7. Sounds good, but before I start: what about privacy and security?

We take the subject of privacy and security very serious, not only because the topic is politically loaded. The email you provide during the registration will not be made public to other users. We do not request you to use your real name; we actually encourage you to use a pseudonym instead. We are hosting the platform on own servers which are maintained by experienced administrators.


Project: The the generic term for all sorts of events, meetings, actions, trainings that are being presented on the map. Every logged in user may create a project. One of the administrators of this platform will then review the entry, and after approval, it will be visible on the map. A project may recur or just happen once. Every project is assigned to a category/color.

Categories: Different categories are available for projects, presented in individual colors. Upon the creation of a project, one of the categories has to be chosen (for instance, an “event”, “action”, or “training”).

Message: Once you’ve created a project, you may use messages to inform people about updates of your project. Those messages are also being sent to the project’s participants via email (see below). Optionally, messages may also be commented on.

Participate: When you participate in a project by clicking on the individual button on the project page, you’ll be notified on new messages and comments via email.

Newsletter: Irregularly, we’ll be sending out news that are not specific to any of the hosted projects, but contains information about new functions and improved features of the platform. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.

Abuse reports: In case a projects seems fishy to you despite of careful review, you may let us know by clicking on the button “Report abuse” on the project page. We will carefully review your reports.